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" Do hamsters use sight, smell, or both to find their food?"


They use smell only


Do hamsters use sight, smell, or both to find their food?
I think they use smell. I'm going to figure it out by having a big box (where the hamsters can't get out), some fake food and some real food, two bowls, and two ladders. First you put real food into one of the bowls. Then you line up both of the bowls (one bowl with the real food and the one without) on one end of the box. Make sure that the bowls are as far apart as possible and make sure that the bowls are tall enough so the hamsters can't see the real food, unless they look from the ladders. Put the fake food where the hamsters can see it. You can't just test the hamsters once. You have to test the hamsters multiple times. The second time you test the hamsters, switch the real food to the other bowl. That way when the hamsters go to find food they will not know where the real food is from memory. The hamsters like to find food more if you let the hamsters go without food for a whole day.

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