Danica's Science Project 2002




Project Assembly




In order to invent camouflage, I had to study animals and their natural habitats. So I took a trip to the Santa Barbara zoo. We took photographs with a digital camera. I took my sketch book with me to take notes and sketch patterns. When I got home, I took magic markers and colored in patterns that I sketched in my sketch book. I matched the patterns to the landscapes from the pictures we took.

Accidental Discovery

By accident I discovered a different method for creating new types of camouflage. While looking at the digital pictures we took, I decided to look closer at the colors by zooming in,  then I noticed matching colors and patterns

 After more experiments comparing these zoomed in pictures with the actual pictures, I discovered that the zoomed in pictures blended perfectly with the original pictures. I then needed to test the camo with real landscapes


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