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*Experimental Working out kinks

For anyone new to this studio, this website link is a personal view of what two kids, who were not very sure of what they were starting, discovered about themselves with the help of Just 4 Kicks Studio and the Ninja Kids Program.

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Updated 08/03/2008

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Basics Strengthening Class

Leadership Team Meeting   1st & 3rd Tuesday
  Demo Team                         2nd & 4th Tuesday
6:00 - 6:30pm

Ask about
"Ninja Parties"!

Please Check with Lost & Found!

     The Just 4 Kicks Multimedia Page New

This will be the place for information that is generally on the bulletin board at the studio. We will endeavor to be accurate. 
Please double check by calling if ever in doubt. 

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Just 4 Kicks Shared Photo Albums
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Anyone with pictures to share with others may use this photo storage area at Yahoo. Pictures from here may be printed or downloaded

but only if you don't mind others viewing your pictures!

Give your pictures on a disk to 
Mike Pinner
or Tracy Leonard or if you would like to upload them yourself we will provide the username and password.



Anyone interested in doing their own family website needs to click above.
Great price, excellent service! mp